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Here at we are dealers for a number of companys, such as  Revival Guitars, Dobro's, and Mandolins,  We are also dealers for MAKAI Ukulele's and  Hawaii Kai . We represent Verano Classical guitars, and carry numerous other stringed instruments some of which include Violins, Cello's, Viola's, etc. these are listed on the Major Music Supply' website.  Inorder to access photo's and prices * Note (our prices will be considerably lower on many of their instruments) click on this link

We are dealers for Morgan Monroe instruments, you can visit their website to view their instruments/acccessories/ prices.  Note:  WE WILL MOST LIKELY BEAT THE PRICES THAT ARE LISTED FOR THE COMPANYS WE REPRESENT AS DEALERS!  

*Beginners* who are looking for a more affordable alternative, (perhaps for that first instrument or because they may not be ready to commit to spending more for solid wood construction etc.; we are dealers for Indianna Guitar Company  they feature acoustic/electric guitars, Bass guitars, amplifiers, accessories and more, check them out here  IGC also has some really nicely crafted Limited Edition Electric guitars along with some custom relicd guitars which are not visable/listed at this link;  just call us to inquire and or look on our site!

If your shopping for a UKULELE, we carry MAKAI and Hawaii Kai ukes, which can be found by clicking the Major Music Supply link above, and we are also dealers for Eddie Finn UKES check out their broad selection of ukuleles (including their acoustic/electric ukues and accessories) here then give us a call and we will give you a good deal !

We carry instruments from LUNA which are intellegently designed, well made affordable stringed instruments (acoustic/electric guitars, mandolins, ukulele's, accessoriess and more these instruments are designed too play easily and sound great!

If your interested in a particular instrument/model listed on any of the websites above, CONTACT US  by calling 1-877-511-8842,  often companys are having sales/specials and we can pass on the savings to you; were happy to assist you any way we can in making your purchase a more affordable and pleasant experience!

Welcome to my guitar shop online, our mission is simple, to create satisfied customers by providing everyone with quality made products at affordable prices; along with professional customer service.  At my guitar shop, we don't just sell instruments, we play them and therefore, we know the products we have and we understand what people need!  

Our promise is to provide you with the best knowledge, advice and product selection that we have available.

Call or email us today and see if we can help you whereever you are in your musical journey!

At my guitar shop online, we are exclusive dealers for Furch instruments AKA these are pehaps the best guitars & mandolins currently out there for the money bar none, considering the rest, Furch  instruments can compete with the big boys and they blow away the older standard's of quality currently produced in large quanities. Bottom line here, why buy a Martin or a Taylor when you can really step up and own a handmade instrument for around the same price!  Check out their website here If your interested in a particular FURCH instrument, Contact us at 1-877-511-8842  and we will help you get your hands on it ASAP!

 If your intrested in another avenue of sound value and affordability, we present to you Revival acoustics, a line of acoustic instruments  which are crafted to unlock the music inside you! (now does that sound good or what?)  Revival acoustics offer respect for the past with time tested designs, and attention to details. like sweet maple (wood) bindings (complimenting both the body and fingerboard), real abalone fingerboard inlays and beautiful abalone rosette's, dovetail neck joints, X bracing, bone nuts/saddle's, Grover tuners, and D'addario strings.   
Revival Guitars... The Rebirth of the Guitar!  We currently carry Revival guitars in a variety of styles: acoustic steel 6 string guitars, in Dreadnaught, OO and OOO sizes. We carry Revivals Bluegrass Series Resonator guitars (Dobro style) in both round or square necks.  We offer Revival 's Acoustics Bluegrass Series of mandolins and we are dealers for J Bovier (mandolins) Morgan Monroe and Corboda stringed instruments, we carry classical guitars by Cordoba and Verano we sell, Cordoba, MAKAI and Eddie Finn's newest line of Ukulele's!  We carry ukulele strings by Aquilla and guitar strings by Jim Dunlop, D'addario and Martin!  In addition to the instruments we carry, we offer a wide variety of stringed instrument accessories to house, care for and unlock your instrument 's potential, including, cases, humidifiers, tuners, capo's, cleaning/polishing supplies, stands, straps, picks, and the full line of Modtone's (awesome) True Bypass effects pedals, Instructional DVD's and more!

*Note If you are interested in a particular model/instrument or accessory item that is not currently listed/pictured on our website, (and if we are dealers for that particular company) call us and see if we can't get it for you at a discounted price!  We are happy to offer advice and or do a search for you; so don't hesitae to let us know what you may be looking for!  

Here at My Guitar Shop Online, whenever possible we recommend choosing an all solid wood instrument over a laminate design first and foremost because solid wood can resonate/vibrate sound far better;
second because over time a wonderful process take place, the sound/tone of your instrument actually improves as the instrument is played and the wood ages over time!  Third because over time we become more attached to our instruments (they are in effect an extension of who we are and who we become) Like a favorite tool that we have counted on to get the job done many times before, the all wood instrument is also worth holding onto , as a result we are much more apt be satisfied and keep the instrument (rather than try and replace/sell it often for a loss, only then to reinvest in something else). Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing all solid wood instrument's;  in order to make an overall sound investment worthwhile.

The good news is you really don't have to spend a lot of for a new all solid wood constructed instrument; especially when you consider that it's something that is well worth keeping (as it improves) over time!
On the other hand, if you just can't afford to invest and or your beginning to play and not sure weather you will continue with the instrument; then high pressure laminates have come a long way and are certainly affordable and can definitely serve the purpose!  They do sound good, are great for learning, and generally speaking require less care/maintenance!  As a rule, the top of any instrument should always be solid wood; the back and or sides can be laminated to help keep the cost factor down.

Our main goal at my guitar shop is to help provide people with quality made instruments and accessories at affordable prices. We will make every effort to meet your needs by offering you the kind of service and sound advice that you require; We look forward to building positive relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime and we are confident that your experience with us will be a good one; so give us a call today, and see how we can help you continue in your journey; by making music together!


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